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TIL: Columnar Encryption Might Be Susceptible to Abuse

I was reading a post talking about some SQL encryption technologies and statements (because, you know, that’s what I do just sitting around…) and found a new potential vulnerability that I’d never really considered before. I don’t pretend that I know *all the things* about security and encryption – it’s a constant process to keep learning and figuring out what […]

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Where to Start is Often the Question – Here’s Help

One of the bigger challenges as you get your footing with your databases and start addressing all sorts of issues of security, compliance and such – is where to start.  How do you know what’s missing or needs attention when there are so many different areas that may indeed need attention? We’ve talked about all sorts of things, from encryption […]

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Data Architecture Challenge – “Active Archives”

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that we’re all working through right now is working with the volumes of data on hand, and maintaining it in a usable way. We’ve been working with a couple of different clients to create ways to either use some of Azure’s Elastic Database approach, or move different information bits to different systems that would […]