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Security or Convenience?

According to MorningBrew, the current Smartphone market is a bit of a complicated one. While nearly half of the world relies heavily on these devices, the market for them is unstable right now, as people either hang on to their older models or opt for more affordable ones.

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade!
Samsung’s newest model, the Samsung 10+ 5G costs a pretty penny at $1,299, over twice what many other models cost currently. While the market seems to be keeping steady in number of Smartphones being purchased, the phones that people are buying tend to be less expensive. For example, I’m a big fan of my OnePlus 6t, a still fairly shiny Google phone with all the bells and whistles I need, even if I bemoan the lack of a headphone jack. (Anyone else?)

But… Your Security Keys!
However, there may be another reason not to switch phones as new models are released – security. As more services offer two-factor authentication – such as AWS, other examples – the hassle of reauthenticating a new phone is giving some pause, even if they have the money for the fancy new gadgets.

For example, to authenticate a new phone for AWS, you have to get on with their support and ensure they know you really did get a new phone and you’re not trying to hack into the account, which can take some time. Some other services allow you to simply get a text message or automated phone call and go on with your day, but the real sticklers for security ask for more than that.

So what? Well, this can mean delays in access for your cloud infrastructure, as you reset your 2FA device(s) when they are replaced. This doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea, but it does mean that it may be worth spending a bit more time planning that device cut-over so you have a contingency plan.

Consumers are having to ask themselves if they want the latest and greatest, or if they want to stick with an affordable option and not be forced to deal with the security consequences of switching to a newer, shinier device.

More Security Key Options
New technology is coming out nearly every day to address these types of problems. Google’s Titan Security Key and similar products offer a solution through a 2FA physical key that allows you access to all of those services without using your phone. This allows you to switch between Smartphones (or others) to your heart’s content, as long as you have this key on you. However, the key does obviously cost money, another investment in the security of those services you want to access.

Obviously, with the risks of security breaches, it’s vital to ensure your information and accounts are secure. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be a little annoyed at some of the more tedious processes and the cost for them.

Where do you sit on this? Do you like staying up with all the new gadgets, or do you prefer to stick with your old faithful and find other ways to make sure your information is secure? Does your company offer 2FA for their services?

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