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About Us

SQL Server MVP Stephen Wynkoop founded SSWUG.ORG in 1999 as one of the first cross-platform sites to cover enterprise technologies. Since then, the site has gone from being a part-time hobby to a reputable content provider with thousands of articles and video-based training sessions.

Our mission is to provide relevant news and information on data management, collaboration software, development tools and cloud computing to help information technology (IT) professionals succeed in the field.

SSWUG.org is the one of the largest community-driven sites that focuses on enterprise technology, as more than 570,000 members regularly visit our site for answers to their IT-related questions and to access the information they need to grow as professionals.

We also have strong partnerships with other credible organizations in the industry, including IBM, DevIntersection, Code Mag, Linchpin, and Microsoft. Our partners’ ability to increase exposure for our clients and provide content for our site has allowed for our team to achieve the level of success we are experiencing today.

SSWUG.ORG is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona and is rapidly growing. Our staff of content providers can be found in nearly continent, including North America, Europe, Asia and South America.

Our Content:

SSWUG.org has a lot to offer: articles, classes, videos, and so much more. We consider ourselves a good education resources, and we’re always looking for new speakers, writers, and others to contribute to the already incredible content we have.

SSWUG.ORG Statement on Ethics

SSWUG.ORG is committed to providing content on all subjects without bias. All content providers are prohibited from developing material about subjects where they have personal relationships or financial interests with those subjects. Reporters, writers and editors do not accept gifts from sources or subjects; and advertising content is clearly identifiable across the site.

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