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Becoming a SSWUG.ORG Columnist
Want to get started? Go to the Article Editor and you can submit your content there. From there, wee’ll begin the review process.
Video Production Program
When you create video programs for SSWUG.ORG, you can do so for webcasts/webinars, expos, virtual events and/or for use on the site. Your materials are provided in the event(s) as applicable, and on the site for Pro members. We pay based on your overall “Share of Voice” – SOV. This gives you complete control over your payment because it’s based entirely on views.

Here’s how it works. We establish a funding pot each month based on Pro memberships. That money is set aside for your payments. At the end of each month, we determine out of all of the minutes of video watched in the month, what percentage of time it was your videos being watched. We use that percentage and apply it to the funding pot. You get the resulting amount of money from the funds. It’s pretty straightforward. The more people watch your videos, the longer they watch them, the more they interact, the more you earn.

To get started, click on Contact Us and let us know you’d like to work together. You’ll be able to upload your video into the system for review later and from there, you’ll be all set.

All videos submitted must be exclusive to SSWUG.ORG and become the property of SSWUG.ORG.

Author Program
You are producing original, exclusive content. By providing your content as an exclusive to SSWUG.ORG you’ll receive a one-time payment based on the complexity and length of the article you submit and that we publish.

More Information: Original, Exclusive Content

If you’d like to participate in the exclusive content option, please download the Agreement here:

Get the Content Agreement here.

You can send your submission to content@sswug.org for review and editing. Be sure to include your member email in your email.

A Note About Payment
We calculate payments on or about the 15th of each month (allowing for holidays, weekends) and generally issue payments by the 20th of each month for the prior month’s activity.

The Fine Print

By submitting, and by our publishing your article with your consent as outlined herein, you grant SSWUG.ORG and Bits on the Wire, Inc. worldwide, perpetual, exclusive right to use and publish your article by any means in any format or medium.

You certify, warrant and represent that the articles, scripts or other information you submit to the site is yours, that you are the sole author of the work and that you have the right to submit that work for publication on this site. Note that you cannot re-use diagrams, graphics, lengthy examples, code samples, etc. from other people’s work. It must be your own work. You further certify that you have full rights to submit this data for publication and that you have full rights to transfer the right to publish it to SSWUG.ORG and Bits on the Wire, Inc. You agree that you are not submitting, and may not submit, work not created by you and that the work you submit is not under other obligations controlling publication of the work, specifically obligations that prevent you from submitting the content for publication on our site or sites.

We do not pay for scripts or code presented in articles. Scripts should be placed into the script library and linked to from the article referencing them if possible. Author bio and other promotional content will also not be included in word counts used to determine payment amounts.

Contact Us – content@sswug.org for more information about being a video presenter. We provide payment based on your video work and the popularlity of the video on the site. This popularity can be directly influenced by both your and our promotion of your video. You are paid based on a “share of voice” model. For more information, send a note to the email at the start of this paragraph, along with your intended video ideas and we’ll discuss further. We provide the production, hosting streaming, you provide the content and expertise in your videos. We’ll make it as painless (and hopefully profitable) as possible for you!

This page will contain the program details – please be sure to check back if questions arise, or contact us at content@sswug.org for help. We’ll be glad to work with you to explain any details.

We offer standard payment by check. We can also pay by PayPal. If you would like to have your funds wired, we can do this however, a $20 wire fee per transaction (our actual cost) will be deducted from the total amount due you. If you’d like, we can collect monthly payments until they reach a $200 threshhold and then pay in a single payment (less the wire fee) to minimize the impact of the fee.

We pay all authors on or about the 15th of the month following publication of your article on the site. YOUR ARTICLE MUST BE ACCEPTED, PUBLISHED AND LIVE ON SSWUG.ORG IN ORDER TO RECEIVE PAYMENT. We reserve the right to schedule (and re-schedule) the publication of your article as necessary to support the editorial scheduling needs of the site. Payment is based on actual and final publication and promotion in the newsletter on the site, not based on submission for consideration. NOT ALL ARTICLES ARE ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION.

You will know when your article is accepted for publication as you will receive an email assigning the base fee and moving the article from editorial to scheduling. After it is scheduled, you’ll receive an additional email indicating the publication date for the article. This date, which changes only very, very rarely, is the date that your payment will be based on. If it is necessary to change the date, you will receive an email with the date change notification.

Updated July 3, 2015