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False Sense of Security from Vendor

There’s been an interesting trend lately in several different sales calls where you’re walking through the software capabilities, listing out the different goals you have for the project, etc.  The customer (be they internal or external) eventually gets around to infrastructure and how you’ve architected the solution. Now, if it’s on-premise, this leads to a lengthy discussion (why is it […]

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Love/Hate Relationship with Unstructured Data

No doubt you’ve seen, and perhaps been working with unstructured solutions out there – DynamoDB, Azure Table Storage, and there are many other options as well.  It’s pretty cool that you can define key/value pairs and just start dumping information into the system, really without regard to structure and columns and many of the things that have traditionally made up […]

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Multi-Platform Development – a Pro or Con?

In working with different companies to try to define how they’ll best move forward with their data requirements, it’s increasingly obvious that multi-platform, where you have multiple database systems on tap to provide support for requirements, is an ideal solution.  By embracing the platform-agnostic approach, and looking at the requirements and using those to determine what options to consider, you […]

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Vendor Lock-In Challenges

I have to admit, I approached the whole question yesterday quite differently that everyone else.  I was worried more about new standards, development trajectories, compatibility and so-on.  When I wrote about the vendor-specific database flavors… I missed what could certainly be the larger issue. John Shadows wrote: 100% cloud also means you have to play by the cloud rules all […]