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EF and Stored Procedures

Entity Framework interacts nicely with stored procedures. That being the case, how do you decide when to create your code on the database, or in your repository code using Entity Framework? One of the things we often forget is that Entity Framework attaches to many different storage methods. You can even attache Entity Framework to files stored in the file...

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OVER() ++

Yesterday we talked about how using the OVER operation in conjunction with an Aggregate function results in an aggregate calculation unique to each detail row without requiring a GROUP BY clause in the query. We demonstrated how you could use the OVER operation without any parameters, resulting in an Aggregate calculation covering the entire set of data being processed. This […]



I have been using aggregate functions for years. In all of that time I did not know how they may be used without a group by clause unless I was using one of the newer aggregate functions such as ROW_NUMBER(). However, you can include aggregate functions in your query without a group by clause if you use the OVER() clause […]


Caring For Your Data – History Cleanup

One of the last options of the Database Maintenance Plan Wizard is to perform a history cleanup. The MSDB database stores a lot of information regarding the activities performed on your database. It contains information about your job execution, plan execution information, scheduled job execution information, backup history, etc. After a while this can cause your MSDB to grow considerably, […]


Caring For Your Data – Database Backups

Today I want to more fully unpack the Database Maintenance Task Wizard features for Incremental Backups and Transaction Log Backups. We looked at them briefly yesterday without much clarification about their intended purpose. As I stated yesterday, a complete backup is the core of any disaster recovery strategy using backup and restore methodology. The goal is to be able to […]


Caring For Your Database – Backups

As we continue unpacking the different options of the Database Maintenance Plan Wizard we come to the topic of Backups. The maintenance plan wizard has three kinds of backups. A complete database backup, an incremental database backup, and transaction log backups. This is a big topic because the way you utilize all of these different backup capabilities is determined on […]


Caring For Your Data – Update Statistics

Today we are going to unpack some details wrapped around things you would want to know when building a Database Maintenance Task for statistics using the Database Maintenance Task Wizard. As a background regarding statistics, it is important for you to know that Statistics are used by the SQL Server Query Analyzer to determine the best execution method out of […]


Caring For Your Database – Index Management

Today we are going to unpack the next feature of the SQL Server Database Maintenance wizard which targets indexes. This is a topic I cover a lot, because keeping your database table indexes in tune is a key factor for database performance. This probably one of the most important capabilities in the Database Maintenance Task Wizard tool we are going […]


Caring For Your Data – Shrink Database

The next option in the Database Maintenance Wizard is to shrink a database. This is an option that I don’t recommend creating, no matter how tempting it is, without really understanding and knowing what you are doing. So, let’s talk about how I have come to that conclusion. First, let’s talk about how a database acquires space that may be […]