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Scale-Out vs. Scale-Up as a Cloud Success Indicator

Sometimes, the things that drive the market just sort of creep up on you.  Surprising things. We’re all here talking about big data-this, big data-that.  Storage management.  Performance.  All of those things.  They’ve traditionally often been all about scaling UP your application (bigger servers, more power, etc.).  I know I’ve had the discussion with people many, many times about considerations […]

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PowerBI, Using that Data, IoT and the Borg

Yesterday Ben posted about where, exactly, the responsibility for security lays.  Is it with the DBA?  The network team?  Is it with the person or team that could have prevented the latest breach?  It’s a great question.  Make sure you check out the post if you haven’t seen it yet.  (Here’s a link) As we continue this revolution into more […]