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Online Course: PowerPivot for Techies

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In a partnership agreement with Pragmatic Works, SSWUG.ORG’s virtual class, PowerPivot for Techies is an intensive course that is designed to get you up to speed using PowerPivot quickly and productively. You will start from basic concepts and move to complex data models and DAX formulas. In addition, this course covers creating and deploying tabular data models using SQL Server Data Tools. Once deployed, tabular data models can be used by data analysts, decision makers, and information workers for ad-hoc reporting and data exploration. By the end of this course, you will feel confident using this powerful toolset to analyze and gain insight from your business data. It includes plenty of demos designed to give you practical experience using PowerPivot and creating tabular data models.

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Module 01 – Introduction to PowerPivot –

  • Why use PowerPivot?
  • Vertipaq Engine
  • Installing PowerPivot
  • Exploring Data with PowerPivot
  • Demo: Exploring Data with PowerPivot

Module 02 – Importing Data into PowerPivot –

  • Importing Data from a Database
  • Importing Data from a File
  • Importing Data from an SSAS Cube
  • Importing Data from a Data Feed
  • Refreshing the Data
  • Demo: Loading Data into PowerPivot

Module 03 – Creating the Data Model

  • What is a Data Model?
  • Creating Table Relations
  • Denormalizing Data
  • Linked Tables
  • Creating Hierarchies
  • Demo: Updating a Data Model in PowerPivot

Module 04 – Creating Calculations with DAX –

  • Why DAX?
  • Calculated Columns
  • DAX Operatiors
  • Working with Text
  • Date and Time Functions
  • Conditional and Logical Functions
  • Miscellaneous Functions
  • Demo: Adding Calculated Columns with DAX

Module 05 – Creating Measures with DAX –

  • Measures
  • Filter Context
  • Aggregation
  • Using the Calculate Function
  • Miscellaneous Functions
  • Demo: Adding Measures with DAX

Module 06 – Incorporating Time Intelligence –

  • Creating Date Tables
  • Time Intelligence Functions
  • Comparing Data over Time
  • Semi-Additive Measures
  • Demo: Adding Time Intelligence

Module 07 – Advanced Data Analysis –

  • Creating KPI’s
  • Parent – Child Relationships
  • Many to Many Relationships
  • Demo: Creating KPI’s, Parent-Child Hierarchies and Market Basket Analysis

Module 08 – Working with PivotTables –

  • Pivot Table Fundamentals
  • Sorting, Filtering, and Formatting
  • Adding Calculations
  • Using Sets
  • Adding Banding
  • Demo: Building a PivotTable Report

Module 09 – Visualizing Data –

  • Adding Data Visualization to a PivotTable
  • Working with PivotCharts
  • Using Multiple Charts and Tables
  • Flattened PivotTables
  • Demo: Visualizing Data

Module 10 – Sharing PowerPivot Reports –

  • SharePoint Integration
  • Publishing to a SharePoint Document Library
  • Publishing to a SharePoint PowerPivot Gallery
  • Managing Data Refresh
  • Demo: Publishing a PowerPivot Report

Module 11 – Creating Tabular Data Models in SSAS –

  • Advantages of using Tabular Data Models
  • Installing SSAS Tabular Mode
  • Creating Tabular Model Projects in SQL Server Data Tools
  • Importing Data
  • Creating the Tabular Model
  • Demo: Creating a Tabular Model Project

Module 12 – Managing and Securing Tabular Data Models in SSAS –

  • Implementing Perspectives
  • Applying Role Based Security
  • Implementing Row Based Security
  • Creating and Processing Partitions
  • Deploying a Tabular Model
  • Demo: Partitioning and Securing a Tabular Model

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DanClark2Dan Clark 
is a senior BI consultant for Pragmatic Works. As a member of the Pragmatic Works SEAL Team (Special Engagements and Learning) he is focused on learning new BI technologies and training others how to best implement the technology. Dan has published several books and numerous articles on .NET programming and BI development. He is a regular speaker at various developer/database conferences and user group meetings, and enjoys interacting with the Microsoft developer and database communities.