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Online Course: Introduction to Windows Azure

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SSWUG.ORG’s virtual class will provide you with the knowledge of Window Azure’s components and aspects to run applications without the expense needed to maintain the hardware and save money on licensing costs.

Scott Klein, who is a Microsoft SQL Azure MVP and the co-founder of Blue Syntax Consulting, will showcase the different types of services that can be hosted in Windows Azure such as web and worker roles, and then move on to the basics of Azure’s durable storage solution, which include Azure queues, blobs and tables.

He will also provide a introduction on SQL Azure – Microsoft’s cloud-based relational database, and how you can use SQL Azure to store your relational data on the cloud. This will be followed up by sessions dealing with Azure AppFabric, cloud computing patterns and practices, as well as diagnostics and service management.

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Module 01 – Introduction to Cloud Computing and Azure – In this module, Scott will explain what the term “cloud computing” means and provide information on cloud operation systems. He will also share several scenarios for using the cloud and details on the cloud development environment.

Module 02 – Basic Roles – In this module, Scott will look at the different types of roles in the Windows Azure platform (Web, Worker, VM) and how to use those to deploy applications.

Module 03 – Advanced Roles – In this module, Scott will explain how to configure remote desktops, use endpoints and other advanced topics regarding roles in the Windows Azure platform.

Module 04 – Windows Azure Storage Basics – In this module, Scott will provide an overview of Window Azure’s inner workings regarding storage. He will also explain how to access storage in the cloud.

Module 05 – Using Azure Tables – In this module, Scott will showcase how to share data in tables, how to create and destroy data, as well as how tables scale.

Module 06 – Using BLOB Storage – In this module, Scott will discuss BLOB storage and provide details on accessing it, as well as on using Azure Drive.

Module 07 – Messaging with Queues – In this module, Scott will explain messaging and provide details on how queues work.

Module 08 – SQL Azure – In this module, Scott will explain how SQL can live in the cloud and will highlight the differences between working with data on-premise and off-premise. He will also provide information on migrating data to Azure with ease.

Module 09 – Windows Azure AppFabric – In this module, Scott will explain the purpose for AppFabric, the Access Control Service and Service Bus. He will also show how to leverage the Distributed Cache.

Module 10 – Diagnostics and Service Management – In this module, Scott will explain how to find out what is happening with your applications and data in the cloud. He will also share tips on how to correct an issue in Windows Azure if one should occur.

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ScottK-webScott Klein, a Microsoft SQL Azure MVP, is co-founder of Blue Syntax Consulting, an Azure training, services and consulting company.

Scott has been working with SQL Server for nearly 20 years, working with companies large and small all over the United States in a wide scope of fields such as medical, finance, and retail.

Scott is also a veteran author, having written a number of books including Professional SQL Server XML, Professional LINQ, Pro ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.0, and the recently released Pro SQL Azure.

Scott is President of the South Florida SQL Server Users Group and the newly formed SQL Azure PASS Virtual Chapter. He speaks frequently at SQL Saturday events and user groups, including several in Europe.