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Online Course: Databases, SQL and Reporting Services: Foundations

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This series of courses is designed to provide the foundations for developers or para-developers in SQL Server, SQL and Reporting technologies.

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Session 1 – Database Foundations – 

1. Understanding Databases and DBMSs
2. Understanding Relational Databases, Objects and Constraints
3. Understanding Normalization, Relationships and Indexes
4. Using the Database Explorer and SSMS to Create a Database
5. Understanding Login IDs and Rights

Session 2 – Structured Query Language (SQL) Foundations – 

1. Understanding SQL, Transact SQL and the SELECT Statement
2. Using the WHERE Clause

3. Optimizing Query Performance and Indexes
4. Filtering and Limiting Rowsets
5. Creating SQL JOIN Products and Leveraging the Query Tools

Session 03 – Report Definition Language (RDL) Foundations –  

1. Understanding RDL and the Report Processor
2. Creating and Accessing Report Data Sources
3. Designing Report Queries and Reports
4. Leveraging and Creating Report Data Sources
5. Leveraging the List, Tablix, Chart Controls, TextBox and Ancillary Controls


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WVaughnWilliam Vaughn has been a storyteller from a very early age—perhaps from the time he had to explain why he was presenting his mom with a bunch of her prized tulips. More recently, his furtive imagination spawned The Seldith Chronicles, a series of young adult books that follow the lives, exploits and challenges of a clan of forest elves no taller than a mushroom who, live in the local forests. In the fall of 2014, William published The Timkers, a new adult novel that follows Sam, a troubled young man running from the police only to find himself transported to 1930 where he meets the love of his life—and has to leave her behind.

Before his fantasy writing career began, William travelled the world as an Army brat and then as a technical speaker, mentor and award-winning technical author known the world-over. He has worked in the technical arena for over forty years, principally focusing on SQL Server, Reporting Services and Visual Basic. He’s written over a dozen books and contributed to a like number on these subjects. He settled in Redmond, Washington at the edge of a forest teeming with story ideas and within artillery-range of Microsoft to keep them honest.