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Online Course: Advanced SQL Server Reporting Services

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In a partnership agreement with Pragmatic Works, SSWUG.ORG’s virtual class will provide you with the skills to properly use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Master Report Developers must hold unique traits to set themselves and their work apart from others.  This class is designed to take you to the next level in your understanding of SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services (SSRS).  We use a variety of lab exercises to ensure lecture sessions are backed up by hands on experience.  With the hands-on labs, you will learn how to create complex reports that using Analysis Services as a data source and custom code assemblies.  This course will cover all the advanced topics of Reporting Services like scaled-out deployment, .Net integration and monitoring Reporting Services usage.

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Session 1 – Report Design Patterns –

  • 5 Second Rule
  • Spotting Design Mistakes
  • Choosing Colors
  • Choosing Charts
  • Hands-on Lab: Identifying Report Design Mistakes

Session 02 – .Net Integration –

• Why use Custom Code?
• Direct Embedding
• External Assemblies
• Hands-on Lab: Implementing Custom Code

Session 03 – Using SSAS as a Data Source 

  • Building a Dynamic Cube Report
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Building a Data Mining Report
  • Hands-on Lab: Building a Dynamic Cube report

Session 04 – Advanced SSRS Expressions –

  • Advanced Functions
  • Launch Office Tools from your report
  • Launching Bing Maps
  • Hands-on Lab: Dynamically launching Bing Maps

Session 05 – Report Manager –

  • Linked Reports
  • Object Visibility
  • Shared Schedules
  • Report Manager Customizations

Session 06 – Report Builder 3.0 –

  • Train the Trainer: How to Teach End Users
  • Using Report Parts
  • Hands-on Lab: Building and Using Report Parts

Session 07 – Configuration –

  • Setting up an Email Server
  • Configuring an Execution Account
  • Understanding and Enabling Encryption Keys
  • Using SSL within SSRS

Session 08 – Report Utilization –

  • Setting up a Monitoring database
  • Scheduling Monitoring Database Updates
  • Usage Reports
  • Hands-on Lab: Implementing Report Server Monitoring Reports Session

Session 09 – Security –

  • Role based security explained
  • Creating System-Level Permissions
  • Creating Item-Level Permissions
  • Creating Custom Security Roles
  • Hands-on Lab: Creating and Using a Custom Security Role Session Session

Session 10 – Performance –

  • Creating Snapshots
  • Performance Tuning with Report Caching
  • SSRS Performance Counters
  • Hands-on Lab: Setting up a Report Snapshot

Session 11 – SharePoint Integration –

  • Report Server Database
  • Configuration
  • Deployment

Session 12 – Web Farm –

  • Understanding Scaling-Out Architecture
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Network Load Balancing

Session 13 – Data Driven Subscriptions –

  • Building a Subscription
  • Monitoring Subscriptions
  • Debugging Failed Subscriptions
  • Hands-on Lab: Building a Data Driven Subscription

Session 14 – Accessing Reports Server Remotely –

  • Report Server Internet Architecture
  • Setup Considerations

Session 15 – Miscellaneous –

  • Creating a Report Viewer Control
  • Creating Report Templates
  • Using Document Maps
  • Reporting on Recursive Data
  • Refresh Report Data from Word, PowerPoint, Etc..
  • Using Reports to Start SQL Agent Jobs
  • Hands-on Lab: Creating a Document Map Report

Session 16 – Power View –

  • What is Power View
  • Prerequisites
  • Building a Report


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Devin Knightnsoic9zo (MCTS, MCITP) is a Senior BI consultant at Pragmatic Works Consulting. Previously, he has tech edited the book Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services and was an author in the book Knight’s 24-Hour Trainer: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services. Devin has spoken at past conferences like PASS and at several SQL Saturday events. He is a contributing member to the Business Intelligence Special Interest Group (SIG) for PASS as a leader in the SSIS Focus Group. Making his home in Jacksonville, FL, Devin helps run his local users’ group (JSSUG) as a Vice President.