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Online Course: Advanced SQL Server Analysis Services

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In a partnership agreement with Pragmatic Works, SSWUG.ORG’s virtual class will provide you with the skills to properly use SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) 2008 in your enterprise.

Master Analysis Services Developers must hold unique traits to set themselves and their work apart from others.  This class is designed to take you to the next level in your understanding of SQL Server 2008 R2 Analysis Services (SSAS).  We use a variety of lab exercises and exclusive internal lectures to ensure lectures are backed up by hands on experience and real world knowledge.  With the hands-on labs, you will learn how to build tier 1 Analysis Services solutions that will scale, while understanding all the internals to help you back up these best practices you will be implementing.  This class will focus on the architecture, design, scaling and internals that make Analysis Services the powerful analytics platform of choice.

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Session 1 – Intro: Analysis Services Ecosystem – Understanding the tools and platforms that surround Analysis Services and areas the audience will want to familiarize themselves with if they are not already versed in them.

Session 02 – Advanced Dimension Design Practices and Special Dimension Types – Best practice discussion for designing dimensions in enterprise cubes and how best to handle complex dimension situations.

Session 03 – Dimension Data Structures & Partition Data Structures – Deep dive into the data structures and storage fundamentals of Analysis Services.

Session 04 – IO Patterns and Infrastructure Best Practices – Discussion of IO and storage optimization for Analysis Services systems in the enterprise.

Session 05 – Partition Sizing and Management – Deep dive into partitioning and partition management. Includes discussion on managing partitions in the special measure group types.

Session 06 – Memory Management in Analysis Services – In depth look at how Analysis Services manages memory and sessions to maximize performance.

Session 07 – Aggregation Best Practices – Discussion on how best to build aggregations and how to manage your SSAS environment to make the best use of aggregations where appropriate

Session 08 – Command and Query Architecture in SSAS – Deep dive into how Analysis Services processes queries and commands including discussions on the formula and storage engines of SSAS.

Session 09 – Managing Performance in SSAS – How do you know if your queries are performing appropriately. This all demo session will dive deeper into some of the aspects and tools you can use and recommend techniques for monitoring and base lining your server.

Session 10 – Optimizing Processing in Analysis Services – Dive into processing optimization and special processing models for enterprise needs.


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AdamJ-picAdam Jorgensen is the President of Pragmatic Works Consulting, a Director for the Professional Association of SQL Server (PASS), SQL Server MVP, and a well-known speaker, author, and executive mentor. His focus is on helping companies realize their full potential by using their data in ways they may not have previously imagined. Adam has contributed to five previous books on SQL Server, analytics, and SharePoint.