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Analyze non-XML data with XSLT

(Chuck White) This tutorial explores how to create string parsing routines in XSLT so that you can tokenize straight, non-XML text, thus turning that text into a series of XML elements. Specifically, this tutorial examines how to convert such documents as weblogs and Web configuration files into XML


Advanced SQL Server Locking

(Andrés Taylor) I thought I knew SQL Server pretty well. I’ve been using the product for more than 6 years now, and I like to know my tools from the inside out. While teaching a SQL Server programming course, I noticed that the Microsoft material presented a lock compatibility table. The same tab


Manage SharePoint Lists

(Roger Jennings) Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) is Microsoft’s recent reincarnation of SharePoint Team Services (STS) as an industrial-strength, scalable portal for sharing documents, contacts, calendars, Web links, and other information. WSS lets teams and workgroups bypass IT bureaucracy and bu