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The Great Hack, The Creepy Line, and Our Job

These are some really intriguing movies (Netflix, etc.) – they’re finally talking about data, data use, data ownership, privacy, customization (sort of) and all sorts of things that have significant implications on our career ethics and responsibilities. When you watch these, they can quickly lead to a rabbit hole of TED talks, blog posts and more. Probably result in some […]

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Interesting: Data Bread Lines

In reading through a post about a book that’s out about managing and living with data, there were some very interesting observations outlined.  Things that are pretty apparent as you work through systems at companies with many different sources of information and raw data.  The post was a book excerpt, from “Winning With Data” (Wiley). If you think about it, […]


GDPR: Don’t forget the AI

We’ve been working down through different systems and infrastructure and working on the different components to GDPR and having systems support what’s needed there.  While it’s comprehensive in its stated goals (GDPR), it’s also quite broad and loose in defining how to get there from here.  This has led to some interesting meetings and review sessions while people work to […]