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In Memory Tables

SQL Server 2014 In Memory Tables For the first time in six years I am excited about the next release of SQL Server. The core engine of SQL Server has had little improvement since SQL Server 2008 for doing OLTP. There have been some TSQL enhancements, and performance tuning; but, most of the energy seems to have been around the […]


Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection Dependency Injection is a design pattern with the result of decoupling dependent application processes with hard coded implementations. We talk about it a lot with the ability to change from using one implementation of something with another. For example, substituting one database engine with another one, or even different versions or vendors of storage technologies. Instead of coding […]

SQL Server

Partitioning relational and multidimensional data for OLAP solution – (Part-2)

Partitioning relational and multidimensional data for OLAP solution – (Part-2) Multidimensional solutions usually hold extremely large amounts of data. Partitioning this data can improve manageability because aged data can be removed more easily. When aged data is removed from the relational data source, the matching partition can be removed, so it is not necessary to reprocess the entire cube. Well-designed […]