SSWUG.org Media Kit

About Us

Over the past 15 years, SSWUG.ORG has grown to more than 600,000 worldwide registered users who actively look to the site for real-world information on data management, collaboration software, evelopment tools and cloud computing.

Under the leadership of Stephen Wynkoop, founder of SSWUG and a Microsoft SQL Server MVP, our team in Tucson, AZ takes great pride in issuing relevant, in depth articles, podcasts, webcasts, expos and classes to our members and non-members alike. We provide honest, unbiased and reliable content, product reviews and information, backed by our own integrity and reputation in the industry.

In 2015 SSWUG will continue to focus on the issues most important to our members: relevant technology related information. We will provide insight and best practices that inspire developers, administrators and analysts to be the very best at what they do.

Our Members 

Throughout our history, we have provided high quality, custom content to a loyal, intelligent and forward thinking audience of IT professionals. Our membership is comprised of more than 600,000 educated specialists and pioneers. These are professionals interested in learning about the latest technologies, software and best practices that enable them to be most eective in their eld of expertise. As our membership continues to grow, diversity prevails which adds to our unique, dynamic make up that is unparalleled in this industry.

Your Advantage

The average member on SSWUG.org is a highly adept individual with a clear focus on doing the task at hand accurately and faster for increased productivity. Do you produce a product that can assist these inuential people? SSWUG.ORG has many concise, results driven programs to help you achieve the results you seek.

With SSWUG, your organization will reach our auent and tech savvy leaders and inuencers to expand your brand awareness with over 125,000 deliveries daily.

Package Ideas (We typically create custom packages for you)


Active Advertising: 

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about our members

Level One: Locations

  • Included with annual contract:
    • Quarterly webcasts (4 total)
    • Whitepaper hosting – can switch out whenever client desires
    • Banner ads – ROS – good for awarenessorg VC Silver Sponsorship
    • Up to 3 online class or video sponsorships – graphic
    • Up to monthly SSWUGtv Shows – about client’s products or services
    • Complimentary Virtual Conference
      • Up to 16 session hoursIndustry
      • 2 tracks for one full day
      • Up to 6 exhibitor/vendor booths
      • Up to 5,000 attendees – unlimited registrations
  • VIP Codes to give your customers discounts off of SSWUG memberships
  • 50% discount on use of vConferenceOnline.com platform

Level Two: 

  • Included with annual contract:Employees
    • Two whitepaper hostings
    • One webcast
    • Banner ads – ROS – great for awareness
    • Up to quarterly SSWUGtv shows – about client’s products or services
    • org VC Bronze Sponsorship
    • Complimentary expo
      • Up to 4 session hours
      • Up to 2 exhibitor/vendor booths
      • Up to 2,500 attendees – unlimited registrations

Save 50% on advertising with SSWUG with Active Marketing packages!

One-Month Options:

  • ALL IN: Includes: 50k banner ads (Leaderboard), 50 leads, 4 NL ads (600k impressions), SSWUGtv interview, Whitepaper hosting. Multi-month sponsorship discounts available
  • LEADS, PLEASE: Includes 50 leads, 1 Whitepaper + leads
  • AWARENESS: Includes 50k banner ads + 4 NL (600k impressions), 2 Sky Scraper ads, 2 Leaderboards ads, SSWUGtv interview
  • LEADS & AWARENESS: Includes 50 Leads, Whitepaper, 50k banner ads, SSWUGtv interview
  • NEW PRODUCT LOOK: Includes SSWUGtv interview, Comprehensive written review posted to SSWUG.org, 2 NL ads (Leaderboard)
  • TITLE SPONSORSHIPS: Webcast Hosting and Broadcasting*, 300 Guaranteed Leads

À La Carte Options

Our À la carte options enable your organization to customize your approach using effective, affordable and proven methods to reach your target audience.

Site Banner Options:

  • LEADERBOARD 728×90: Location: Top of Pages; Proximity to Fold: Above the fold; Run of Site; Min Buy: 10,000 impressions
  • RIGHT POSTER 300×250: Location: Right side of Pages; Proximity to Fold: Directly above the fold; Min Buy: 10,000 impressions

Newsletter Banner Options:

  • LEADERBOARD 700×100: Location: Top of Newsletter; Proximity to Fold: Above the fold; Min Buy: 2 Newsletters
  • SKYSCRAPER 190×240: Location: Middle of Newsletter; Proximity to Fold: Directly above the fold; Min Buy: 2 Newsletters
  • WHITEPAPER OPTIONS WHITEPAPER: Location: Whitepaper Section on SSWUG; Lead Retrieval Included; Insertion Rate: Base + CPL; Minimum buy: One Month
  • VIDEO WHITEPAPER: Location: Whitepaper Section on SSWUG; Lead Retrieval Included; Insertion Rate: Base + CPL; Minimum buy: One Month

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