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Online Course: Introduction to SQL Server Query Processing and Optimization

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In SSWUG.ORG’s virtual class, conducted by Microsoft SQL Server MVP Kalen Delaney, you will be able to explore needed information about query plans, basic index structures and plan cache management.

As Kalen is a foremost authority on SQL Server query processing and optimization, this comprehensive class offering will bring you key information to apply to any work with SQL Server.

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Session 1 – Basic Plan Operators – 

1. Understanding the different SHOWPLAN options
2. Estimated vs Actual Plans
3. Basic Table Access: Scans vs Seeks
4. Accessing Tables using a Nonclustered Index

Session 2 – Joins, Aggregations and Sorts – 

1. Joins in a Graphical Showplan
2. Three Join Algorithms: Loop, Merge and Hash
3. Two Aggregation Algorithms: Stream and Hash
4. Sorting Operations

Session 03 – Data Modification Operations –  

1. Additional Considerations with Data Modification
2. Basic INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE Operations
3. Comparing DELETE and Truncate Table Options
4. Bulk Modification Algorithms

Session 04 – Introduction to Indexes –

1. B-Trees
2. Exploring index structures
3. Understanding documented tools
4. Approaches to working with indexes

Session 05 – Fragmentation and Index Performance –

1. Defragmentation
2. Fragmentation

Session 06 – Undocumented Tools  – DBCC – 

1. Using DBCCs
2. Reviewing options you have with DBCCs when working with indexes

Session 07 – Index Splits, Design Considerations –

1. Index splits
2. ANDs intersections, ORs and Joins
3. Statistics
4. Clustered indexes

Session 08 – Query Processing and Plan Reuse Overview –  

1. Query Processing
2. Query Plan Reuse
3. Ad Hoc Queries
4. Simple Parameterization

Session 09 – Query Plan Recompiling –

1. Recompilation
2. Statistics

Session 10 – XML Query Plan Caching and Metadata – 

1. XML Query Plans
2. Plan Cache Metadata


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kalen Kalen Delaney has been working with SQL Server for over 27 years. She has provided performance consulting services and taught advanced courses on SQL Server to thousands of professionals and organizations. Delaney began her career as a teacher and specialist for Sybase, then in 1992, became an independent trainer and consultant. As such, she worked with both the Microsoft and Sybase companies to develop courses and to do internal training for their technical support staff. She became a Microsoft SQL Server MVP in 1993.

She is the author of SQL Server Internals: In-memory OLTP, primary author of SQL Server 2012 Internals, Inside SQL Server 2005 as well as previous books on SQL Server Internals. Visit her website to find out more.