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Online Course: Advanced SQL Server Integration Services

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As we build larger and more powerful data centric applications, the need to bring all this information together will become more and more important. Building efficient and intelligent ETL processes will be both a requirement and a skill that will be found to be in high demand. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is one such ETL tool, and because it comes with Microsoft SQL Server, it will also continue to rise in popularity.

This Virtual Class, delivered by Eric Johnson, will guide you to the next level of SQL Server Integration Services development. The class will follow the development of a single project from start to finish. Along the way we will re-visit some of the basics and look at new and advanced features of SSIS. The goal of the course is to give you practical examples of development that will take your abilities to the next level.

Eric has worked with SSIS since its release with SQL Server 2005 and before that he spent a lot of time wading around in DTS packages. He is bringing his experiences and frustrations to you so that you can learn SSIS quickly and correctly.

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Session 1 –  In this first session we lay the groundwork for the course including the class prerequisites and the tools used in the class. We will also get started on the project that will be the basis of the class. This session will also be a quick review of some of the basics.

Session 02 – Session two will deal with calling stored procedures, working with identities and the lookup. While the lookup was covered in the basic class, we use this session to review advanced techniques. Of course all of this will be put to use in our project.

Session 03 – Expanding our lookup discussion, we will look at lookup cache in this session. We will also look at calling stored procedures from the control flow and look at common issues when working with Excel data.

Session 04 – In this session, we wrap up our look at Excel and talk about issues when working with Excel that arise due to 32 bit drivers. In addition, we will talk about how you can use SSIS to update records.

Session 05 –   In this session, we will look at two advanced transformations, Pivot and Slowly Changing Dimensions. We will examine the pros and cons of the Slowly Changing Dimension as well as talk about other options for doing the same work.

Session 06 – Storing configuration values externally to an application is a common practice and SSIS is no exception. By using package configurations, we can externalize different values and settings that can be later changed without need to modify the package itself. We will look at the different type of configurations available, the pros and cons of each, and some strategies for using different configurations together.

Session 07 – This session will see the use of transactions and checkpoints. We will also talk about upgrading packages from previous versions of SSIS.

Session 08 – For session 8, we will look at how you can deploy your SSIS packages and run them from a Server. We will look at various methods of deployment in addition to how to create the SSIS catalog in SQL Server.

Session 09 – Finally, we will add some error handling to our project. In addition, we will look at methods to do debugging as well as how to get more information about packages through error output and data taps.


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EricJ_3469-COMPEric is the co-founder of Consortio Services, and the primary Database Technologies Consultant.

His background in Information Technology (IT) is diverse, ranging from operating systems and hardware to specialized applications and development. He has even done his fair share of work on networks. Since IT is really just a way to support business processes, he has also acquired his MBA. All in all, he has 10 years of experience with IT, a great amount of which has been working with Microsoft SQL Server. Eric has managed and designed databases of all shapes and sizes.

He has delivered numerous SQL Server training classes and webcasts as well as presentations at national technology conferences. Most recently, he presented at TechMentor on SQL Server 2005 Replication, Reporting Services, and Integration Services. In addition, he is active in the local SQL Server Community, serving as the President of the Colorado Springs SQL Server Users Group.