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I Don’t Need Backups – The Cloud Doesn’t Break!

Yes.  I’ve actually heard that several times lately.  We’ve been talking about recovery plans, backups, the “oh boy, Steve’s preaching test your backups again” documentation and so-on.  As we’re talking through the things they need to test and have experience with and document, they get this shifting-around, anxious to move on attitude. “But it’s the cloud.  It’s not like it’s […]

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Would You Use a Provider DB Engine?

Perhaps one of the odder questions I’ve asked.  For example, would you use a Microsoft-branded tweaked database platform?  Would you use an Amazon-branded, or Google-branded of the same? The major players seem to see these as the way forward, and I have to admit it has me both intrigued and baffled.  A strange combination for sure. With Microsoft, it’s Cosmos […]